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The RP3 was the first dynamic rowing machine in the world which simulated the rowing movement as in a boat. The Olympic and elite rowers of all countries in the world are using it for their land based training. By its patented construction and sophisticated software, you will have a training tool that supports the rowing technic as well as building Fitness. The unique possibility of connecting as well the machines as the handles to build a pair, quad or eight makes it a great tool to synchronize crews. The software build on an App platform makes it easy to install on all of your devices and always have your rowing data with you and because of the Bluetooth connection you don’t need any cable to connect to the RP3. By the use of only the best materials and mostly build from stainless steel you will have it for lifetime. If you’re looking for the best tool for exercising, RP3 Dynamic is the one to get.


The Software based on Android, Play Store; RP3 Erg Data, is what sets RP3 Dynamic Indoor Rowers apart from other training devices. The data pro stroke is the closet compared to the performance with the same effort you would get in a boat. Yet easy to use and with a force curve that is so accurate, that you can see how consistent you are on every stroke row. The workouts can be programmed by yourself and all the workout data can be exported to your email and can be analyzed stroke by stroke. The App connects with most BLE hearth rate belts and gives you the opportunity to display your work pro pulse. The adjustable monitor holder lets you position the monitor in any angle.

Flywheel and Damper
Every flywheel is completely balanced and the all are matched to get the same data output. Because of the special weight and inertia it gives you the same feel as an oar that goes through the water. The airflow to the flywheel is controlled in a very easy way with a slide that is attached over the cage.so you can change the load to your preference.

Storage and Mobility 
The RP3 has wheels on the front foot allow you to roll the fully-assembled machine into position and can be stored upright.

Adjustable Footrests and curved Handle
The use adjustable heel flex footrests on our indoor rower makes it easy to set the right height for your foot size Our handle has a bending in two directions to get no tensions in your arms and wrist during the drive, also simulates the movement of the oar through the water.

The assembly of the RP3 requires the installation of the legs to the bar with four screws. We include the necessary tool and clear, illustrated instructions. Takes just 5 minutes. View the Assembly video on YouTube.

Easy connect system for 2, 4 or 8 RP3’s
Our machines are well-known for their possibility to connect them as a two, four and eight to simulate a boat and synchronize you crews. This connection is not only possible on the machine, but also to connect the handles to each other. This unique possibility makes it easy to coach a crew on land as if they were in the boat. The complete stainless steel design makes the machine strong and built to last in a humid environmental. All the parts are easy to maintain , because of the special hood that makes it good accessible.


Overall Length

230 cm (90 Inch)

50 cm (20 Inch)

Seat Height
48 cm (19 Inch)

4 cm (1.6 Inch)

Special plated steel chain

Housing Partially enclosed

Wireless interface BLE connects to Android Tablet /Phone / special monitor (option)

Power Requirement
Takes power from battery pack inside the machine.

Maximum User Weight
4200 kg (40 lb) as tested by RP3 .
Complete Stainless steel front legs, rear legs and rail.

Monitor Arm
Monitor holder can be adjusted for a Tablet or Phone and the angle can also be adjusted.

Brushed Stainless Steel

Can be stored in upright position.

Space Requirements
Assembled: 230 cm x 50 cm  (8 ft x 2 ft)
With Clearance for Use: 260 cm x 122 cm (9 ft x 4 ft)
For Storage: 50 cm x 50 cm x 230 cm (20 in x 20 in x 90 Inch)

Machine Weight
20 kg  (44 lb)

Shipping Dimensions
One box:
25 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm
(10 in x 24 in x 40 Inch)

32 kg (70 lb)



What We’re All About

At the last Olympics in RIO both single scull events men and women were won by RP3 users Mahe Drysdale and Kim Brennan. Also the Croation brothers Martin and Valent Sinkovic won gold in the men’s double, also gold for the women’s lightweight double of the Netherlands, Maike Head and Ilse  Paulis. A great achievement was made by the French woman pair that reached the finals for the first time in 12 years, coached by Christine Gosse, who uses RP3 for training her rowers.
Two multiple World Champion lightweight single scullers, Frans Göbel and Peter Haining recognised the RP3 rowing simulator as an essential tool in the preparation for their world championships, to improve their technique.
Cambridge University Boat Club and recently also Oxford University Boat Club, the GB eight, Rob Waddell, Greg Searle and other scullers are well aware of its advantages.
Prominent coaches such as Mark Emke (Head Coach Dutch Men), Micheal Callahan (Head coach Men Washington University), Charlie Butt (Harvard Men),Mike Taiti ( Head Coach California Men), Cristine Gosse (Head Coach women France), Harry Mahon (G.B. sculling coach and Cambridge U.B.C.), Martin McElroy (G.B. Eight coach), Tim McLaren (U.T.S.Haberfield Sydney and Cambridge U.B.C) and Steve Trapmore (Cambrigde U.B.C. Chief Coach) who have been using the RP3 Rowing simulator extensively for prolonged periods, characterize the machine as fully boat compatible and an unsurpassed tool for improving rowing technique and synchronizing crews.
Others may have been doing also, but are keeping it quiet.