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The Inventors

The Dynamic movement was invented and patented in 1988 by Cas Rekers. He came up with the idea when his daughter suffered from lower back pain, caused by rowing on a static erg. He designed the first dynamic ergo with a moving flywheel and called it the RowPerfect. In 1991 he teamed up with Jan Lammers, a mechanical engineer and they started up the serial production of the RP2. During then following years until 2009 the RP2 was distributed worldwide. In 2009 the new RP3 with the lowered flywheel construction was launched and unfortunately Cas died when the first machines where build. From that moment Jan and his wife Annet went on with the company, with the help of Carlos Dinares, Sport Professional, in 2013 the RP3S came to the market with a lot of improvements that where provided by the Elite rowers who use the machine. The idea behind the RP3 is that you can rig it as your boat and all the improvements or proposals that are made should contribute to this idea to keep RP3 as the best rowing simulator. This makes that we partner up with a lot off innovating products from companies as; Shimano, Batlogic, Biorow, Rowingperformance and Crocker. In 2016 a bigger building was needed to store the assembly and to install production equipment to enlarge the output due to a growing demand in the world for the RP3 Dynamic.